Specialty Products (8)

Screen clean for electronic touch screens nav systems and more


TEC 1260 Organizer cart is designed to organize your detail department.

Over a $2500 benefit when you commit to a 24 month buy in.

Ask you rep for details on haw this would benefit your department.

$999.00 $1.00

TEC 675 dissolves rail dust particles from painted surfaces. This acid based product works to quickly remove iron paticles that have etched into the paint.


Multi purpose polish designed to clean and polish aluminum, chrome, and stainless steel.removes tarnish and rust immediately.


TEC 307 is designed to remover white and yellow traffic paint without damaging most types of surfaces


TEC 90 removes adhesives, grease, tar, undercoating overspray.

Use on vinyl uplholstery and all hard surfaces


Quickly remover undercoating and overspray. Safe on paint


TEC 70 cures at room temurature to restore faded Black trim.

May be used on carrier trim, RV trim , Truck beds, bumbers and other black and grey surfaces exposed to fading