Etcetera/ect. (14)

extra fine 000 steel wool bag/12


Sharp single edge blade safe on most surfaces. Pkg/100


Fits TEC 1021 razor blades


Heavy Duty single edge Razor Blade bx/100


Tornador Liquid tibe replacement


Torador wieghted tube


Tornador cone with brush


Tornador repair kit


Reduces cleaning time and water consumption.

Produces a solid foam to allow for more dwell time resulting in better results.


Tornador blow gun reduces detailing time ideal for interior and exterior. 90 day Warranty


Double the power of the original Tornador Ball bearing rotational sewt reduces maintenance and air consumtion. 90 day Warranty


Uses A blast of solution (TEC 392 Enzyme) to effortlessly clean the interior and remove stains. use constant air pressure of 60 PSI.


Wall Mount Holder for TEC 417 Gun


Replacement cup for TEC 417 gun